Prevention Is the Key to Pest Control

Turn to your local pest control company

Certain foliage and vegetation around your school can attract bugs, which can, in turn, destroy your landscape, sports fields and greenhouses. Hoelscher Pest Control offers integrated pest management (IPM) to keep bugs and rodents from nesting around your school.

On top of treating for rodents and insects directly, we also manage plant life. By controlling what grows around your school, we can avoid the use of pesticides to keep your students safe.

Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment. We'll assess your school's campus and see what treatments you need.

Year-round pest protection

Year-round pest protection

Bugs and insects around your school campus can be dangerous to your students. Instead of spraying pesticides every few weeks, Hoelscher Pest Control can take control of your pest problem holistically. We'll come to your school every month to check your lawn and plants for signs of insect damage and only treat when and where we need to.

Don't subject your students to harmful pesticides. Call Hoelscher Pest Control today for eco-friendly IPM services.