Protect Your Property From Damaging Termites

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Termites are a huge threat to many Texas homes because of the hot, dry climate. Hoelscher Pest Control specializes in termite treatment and prevention to keep your home's structure from being eaten and destroyed. Whether you have a termite nest already in your home or you're see flying terminates swarming your lawn, our professionals will control your termite situation and make sure they don't come back.

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Are termites hiding in your home?

Are termites hiding in your home?

When the weather gets warm, adult termites will leave their nests in swarms to find other places to nest. So if you have flying termites swarming your lawn, you may already have a termite nest in your home. Hoelscher Pest Control uses top-of-the-line Termidor treatment to kill whatever kind of termite is infesting our home.

If your recent termite inspection found termites, don't hesitate to call Hoelscher Pest Control. We'll treat your home now and come back each year for prevention.